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MediaBanc Expanding Internet Services

Posted on 24 May, 2018

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MediaBanc is an integrated Print / Radio / TV monitoring agency with operation offices in major South East Asia nations.
Our aim is to complement and support advertising agencies and advertisers who spend millions in advertising each year. It is for those who find it almost impossible to monitor all and accurately, advertisements of competitors and even their own, due to the ever-increasing number of TV channels, radio stations and print publications (newspaper & magazine).
         With MediaBanc, you'll have an accurate pulse of the movement in the ad industry (delivered to you on time within 24 to 48 hours, professionally edited on the required media by e-mail, internet donwloads, CD-format, cassette or VHS tape), be it in the creative ideas, its execution styles, a campaign's media mix, or even to do a study on the positioning statement of a competitive brand. Or, simply put, we are in the business of providing a comprehensive, accurate and prompt service not only to keep our clients in touch with the ad industry, but also to stay ahead.